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Original equipment manufacturers

Arabian Axles is a successful player as a Market Leader in this region that has a basic responsibility of supplying original spare parts with ultimate quality and competitive price, and available thoughtout the entire region. AA manufactures its original spare parts through its own facilities with high-quality conscious that ensure the safety, excellent performance, and low maintenance cost. Arabian Axles carefully design, selects the components with right metallurgy, and crafting them with their State-of-the-art engineering technology at their world class facilities that demonstrate its commitment to be a reliable supplier at International Standards.

High Quality

& Reliability

Arabian Axles WB High Mount Technology are known for reliability, high quality and excellent performance.



The advance technology & high quality components ensures the smooth and top class performance.

Long Life & Low Maintenance Cost

Arabian Axles WB High Mount is the ultimate system that offers comprehensive road safety and low operating cost for lifetime.

Heavy & Commercial Vehicles

WB High Mount can be used for tippers, flatbeds, dumpers and tankers.

Features & Specifications

  • High protection for delicate goods.
  • Simple adaption to loading ramp heights.
  • More economical and less wear & tear.
  • Long life expectancy, reduced costs.
  • More comfort and road safety. Increase vehicle speed.
  • Less Noise, Environmental protection.
  • Heavy Vehicles/ commercial vehicles can be used for flat beds, tippers, dumpers and tankers..
  • Pre-assembled Mechanical Suspension.
  • Both ends angled spring layers to control the track of the axles.
  • Load Capacity of 24 Ton - 32 Ton.
  • Very Strong in off roads.
  • Spring center distance 900, Track 1815, 1835, Tyre size 24" spoke wheel.

Arabian Axles High Mount WB bogies are meant to be economical, reliable, flexible for different type of chassis, vehicles with adaptable suspensions systems and highly safe on off road conditions.