Air Suspensions

with Front Axle Lifting

| 27 Ton - 36 Ton |


  • Our Air Suspensions are well known product in the entire Middle East Region.
  • AA Air Suspensions are suitable for different conditions and applications from highways to off roads.
  • An excellent customer support and express service on spare parts requirements.

High Quality

& Reliability

Arabian Axles Air Suspension Technology are known for reliability, high quality and excellent performance.



The advance technology & high quality components ensures the smooth and top class performance.

Long Life & Low Maintenance Cost

Arabian Axles Air Suspension is the ultimate system that offers comprehensive road safety and low operating cost for lifetime.

Heavy & Commercial Vehicles

Air Suspensions can be used for flatbeds, tankers, car carriers, refrigerator trailers side trailers.

Features & Specifications

  • High protection for delicate goods.
  • Simple adaption to loading ramp heights.
  • More economical and less wear & tear.
  • Long life expectancy, reduced costs.
  • More comfort and road safety. Increase vehicle speed.
  • Less Noise, Environmental protection.
  • The most advantage of Air suspension is absorbing the vibration therefore its used to carry the delicate goods like molten, sculpture, food products etc.
  • Heavy Vehicles/ commercial vehicles : Can be used for flat beds, tankers, car carriers, refrigerator trailers & curtain side trailers.
  • Spring center distance 1300 MM, Track 2040 MM, with wheel hub assembly suitable to single tire.
  • Load Capacity: 27 T & 36T.

Arabian Axles has developed a great air suspension technology with advance technology and high-quality components to ensure the smooth, cost effective and top class performance.